Special valves

Spring-loaded safety valves [12.40/12.41]

Size range: DN 20-200 Pressure rating: PN 10/16


10.11-Threaded rubber expansion joints

The safety valve must hinder the not allowable rise in pressure. It can be used by water, air, steam or for other neutral, compressible fluids.

Working temperature:
From -10°C up to 250°C.

Working pressure:
By flammable or toxic fluid - max. 1,0 MPa or 200°C. By steal-boiler - up to 1,0 MPa. When using the safety valve for other non-specified media, it is necessary to ask for installation.

Installation and operation:
Flexible body design, with induction hardened, abrasion-proof and corrosion-proof sealing surface at the valve seat and the valve disc. Stainless steel spindle guide at the valve stem, anti-rust protection spring without color-free component. Accurate pressure response, total disc lifting within 10% pressure increase. Unpressurized blow-down, solid closure within 10% pressure drops in compressible media and 20% pressure drops in liquids and under sound pressure.

SI2501 SI6301
  Description Materials Materials
1. Body: GG-25 GS-C25
2. Seat: X22CrNi17 X22CrNi17
3. Disc: X22CrNi17 X22CrNi17
4. Bell: GTS-35 GTS-35
5. Guide: X22CrNi17 X22CrNi17
6. Sleeve: X22CrNi17 X22CrNi17
7. Plug: St50 Ck35
8. Stud: St50 Ck35
9. Bonnet: GG-25 GS-C25
10. Adjusting screw: X20Cr13 X20Cr13
11. Spring plate: 9SMn28K 9SMn28K
12. Lock nut: X20Cr13 X20Cr13
13. Cap: GTS-35 GTS-35
14. Spring: 50CrV4 50CrV4

Pressure reducing valves [12.60]

Size range: DN 50-200 Pressure rating: PN 16


12.60-Pressure reducing valves

It is used in the pipeline system to reduce the output pressure, or to retain it. The output pressure can be settled by screw on the elbow. Cold and hot water, air and mediums neutral to the materials of the valve.

Max. income pressure: 16 bar
Output pressure: 1,5 – 6 bar,  2 – 8 bar, 4 – 12 bar
Settling of output pressure: turning in senso orario to high, turning counter-clockwise to reduce the pressure.
Pressure gauge connection on valve body: DN 50-65: 1/4”, DN 80-200: 3/8”
Max. working temperature: 80°C

Body: Galvanized ductile iron
Bonnet: Galvanized ductile iron
Sucker: DN 50-100 Brass, DN 125-200 Galvanized steel
Sealing: NBR
Spring: Carbon steel
Sealing ring: Bronze
Sleeve: Bronze
Sealing: NBR
Screw: Galvanized steel
Screw: Galvanized steel
Surface treatment: Epoplast coating, RAL5017

Dismantling joints [12.70]

Size range: DN 50-1000 Pressure rating: PN 6/16/40


10.11-Threaded rubber expansion joints

It can be used for pipelines for water, oil, petrol, gas up to 100 °C and the joint’s working pressure to settle the length differences. The building length can be changed on-demand. It can be produced in types PN 6, PN 16 and PN 40 bar.

Surface treatment: Spreader (Epoplast EP RAL 5010 coating), Joints (galvanized)

Flange: S235JRG2
Pipe: S235JRG2
Sealing: Food industry

TKK-2Y Thermostatic Condensate Separator Device [12.84]

Size range: DN 15-25 Pressure rating: PN 32


12.84-TKK-2Y Thermostatic Condensate Separator Device

General characteristics:
Constant difference (10°C) follows the saturated vapor curve releasing the condensate and non-condensing gases from the steam line. Practically it does not leak steam, so there is no steam loss. Its function is determined by the built-in membrane or capsule. In the basic series the "S" type capsule is built (curve no. 1). The built-in filter prevents any impurities from being contaminated and protects the other related equipment from dirt. For long-lasting performance and functionality, the device can be installed in any position. Maintenance only requires periodic cleaning, which depends on the way in which it is installed and its design.

Model features:
High operating sensitivity. Operation is independent of backpressure. Built-in checkout system. High hot water permeability even at low differential pressure. It can also be used as an automatic deaerator.

Max. working pressure: 32 bar
Max. pressure difference: 22 bar
Max. working temperature: 250°C

- Tracing lines
- Drying units
- Pressing units
- Steam jacket pipelines
- Iron machines

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