ISG UNIBALL Industrial Valve Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd.’s site development investment


ISG UNIBALL Ltd. has won a total of HUF 38, 63 million worth of non-refundable subsidies for the full renovation of the factory hall under the PM_KKV_2016 “Improvement of the premises of micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Pest county”.

Objectives of Project:

a.) Developing a suitable site environment for production activities;

b.) Improving the working conditions of employees

c.) Increasing energy efficiency by achieving energy savings.

The main elements of the investment:

  • Improvement of the roof structure of the 1980 m2 floor space, changing of the shells and roof insulation.
    • Floor and facade insulation.
    • Installation of thermal insulation doors and windows.
    • Renovation of floors, construction of resin cover.
    • Modernization of lighting, installation of LED technology luminaires, reconstruction of electric grid.
    • Upgrading heating, installing new condensing boilers, building a new flue gas drainage system, installing new heat discharges. Local black body heaters for CNC machine series. Upgrading the welder's suction system.

Results of the project:


1980 m2 modernized production hall, thanks to which 80,000 MJ energy saving per year and a significant cost reduction are achieved.


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Manufacturing technology development of industrial regulator valves at ISG UNIBALL Co. Ltd.


ISG UNIBALL Co.Ltd. has won HUF 38,52 million non-refundable financial support for manufacturing technology development in the frame of application under code no. PM_KKVESZKOZ_2017 “Support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Pest county’

The main profile of ISG UNIBALL Industrial Valve Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd. is producing and trading pipe fittings. There is a wide range of industrial fittings in our product line (ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, check valves, rubber expansion joints, strainers, globe valves, condensate separators, flanges, elbows etc.)

Our main products are the self-manufactured Uniball ball valves and DISC butterfly valves, those are produced with driving gear as well. Our products are well-known and acknowledged not only on the Hungarian market, but also on the West European market, mostly in Germany and Austria.

Our company has won subvention for development of equipment necessary for production, new device sourcing in the frame of application under code no. PM_KKVESZKOZ_2017/264.

The aim of the project is to produce and offer to our partners even DN600 diameter industrial valves.

In the frame of the project the following equipment are purchased:

1.) Jungheinrich TFG 320 (2 tons) and TFG 430 (3 tons) gas powered forklifts
2.) 1 pc hydraulic pressure test device
3.) 1 pc Kemper MaxFil and 3 pcs Kemper Patronfilter exhaustor device
4.) JEM 5112 CNC controlled carousel lathe
5.) CPVF 5-8 and 20-4 Yale running crane trolleys
6.) 1 pc circle weld welding machine

Project results:
New equipment enables us to enhance our supplies by DN450, DN500, DN600 sizes trunnion ball valves. Different sizes and designs will broaden our product range with approx.. 100 new kinds to satisfy customer’s demands.

Project total cost is HUF 70,04 million, net, out of that our company gained HUF 38,52 million non-refundable financial support.

Source of support: Targeted financial budget support (Pest county development appropriation) to implement Pest county Development Concept 2014-2030 and Pest county Development Programme 2014-2020

Name of supporter:                Ministry of Finance
Place of implementation:      2234 Maglód, Ady Endre u. 25-39. hrsz. 3105/8

Further information:

Krisztina Solymosi - Managing director
Phone:         (+36) 29 325 132


PRESS Announcement - Tender has finished.