ISG UNIBALL Industrial Valve Manufacturing and Trading Co. Ltd.’s site development investment


ISG UNIBALL Ltd. has won a total of HUF 38, 63 million worth of non-refundable subsidies for the full renovation of the factory hall under the PM_KKV_2016 “Improvement of the premises of micro, small and medium sized enterprises in Pest county”.

Objectives of Project:

a.) Developing a suitable site environment for production activities;

b.) Improving the working conditions of employees

c.) Increasing energy efficiency by achieving energy savings.

The main elements of the investment:

  • Improvement of the roof structure of the 1980 m2 floor space, changing of the shells and roof insulation.
    • Floor and facade insulation.
    • Installation of thermal insulation doors and windows.
    • Renovation of floors, construction of resin cover.
    • Modernization of lighting, installation of LED technology luminaires, reconstruction of electric grid.
    • Upgrading heating, installing new condensing boilers, building a new flue gas drainage system, installing new heat discharges. Local black body heaters for CNC machine series. Upgrading the welder's suction system.

Results of the project:


1980 m2 modernized production hall, thanks to which 80,000 MJ energy saving per year and a significant cost reduction are achieved.


PRESS Announcement - Tender has finished.