Bolts, nuts and gaskets

Flange Connection [13.00]

Size range: DN 15-500  Pressure rating: PN 6/10/16/40

The most frequently used flanged joints can be found in these two charts below. We recommend these screw sizes, these can be modified on-demand.


Normal joints
 PN 40PN 16PN 10PN 6
DN 15M12x504

PN 40

PN 16

DN 20M12x504M10x504
DN 25M12x504M10x504
DN 32M16x604M12x504
DN 40M16x604M12x504
DN 50M16x604M12x504
DN 65M16x708M16x604M12x504
DN 80M16x708M16x608M16x604
DN 100M20x808M16x708M16x604
DN 125M24x908M16x708M16x608
DN 150M24x908M20x808M16x608
DN 200M27x10012M20x8012M20x808M16x708
DN 250M24x9012M20x8012M16x7012
DN 300M24x9012M20x8012M20x8012
DN 350
DN 400
DN 500
Flange connection between flanges
 Butterfly valvesReturnvent check valves
 PN 16PN 10PN 16PN 10
DN 15M12x704PN 16
DN 20M12x704
DN 25M12x904PN 16M12x804
DN 32M16x1004M16x1004
DN 40M16x1004M16x1004
DN 50M16x1104M16x1004
DN 65M16x1104M16x1104
DN 80M16x1108M16x1108
DN 100M16x1308M16x1308
DN 125M16x1308M16x1608
DN 150M20x1408M20x1908
DN 200M20x14012M20x1408M20x22012M20x2208
DN 250M24x16012M20x15012
DN 300M24x17012M20x16012
DN 350
DN 400
DN 500